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the international fur federation works closely in new projects with anyone who works with fur, these are the success stories


Alexquisite x Saga Furs

Alexquisite is the creative brand and brainchild of Greek designer Alexandros Kotoulas. Alexquisite stands for superior quality, handmade leather goods and intelligent design that is tailor-made to the needs and tastes of a contemporary, mobile aesthete. The core principle of Alexquisite’s design ethos is soft design — a design language that blends together practicality and … Continued

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Fur Accessories Are In Full Bloom

It used to be the case then when it came to fur in fashion, you would think of bulky coats and perhaps the occasional pair of daring earmuffs. Nowadays however, due to the continuing technical and creative innovation of fashion designers, fur is being made increasingly available in a variety of forms.   Of course, … Continued

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